We are with you from A to Z during your investment trip

Starting on both arrival and departure, Dilget accompanies their clients step by step to ensure that all the procedures are done in the right and safe way.

Once you have come to Turkiye, Dilget will

offer you the all services where they provide you with the

consultancy in all investment fields in general and Real Estate

in particular by an expert work team which include lawyers,

legal interpreters, and specialist consultants in research and

feasibility studies to ensure guarantee of the best results.

Providing the best Real Estate consultancies and offering the ideal opportunities for housing or investment and also provide the following services:

a- Expertise the property by the expert team and study the all positive and negative side and the lawful conditions
b- accomplishing the transaction of ownership transfer as soon as possible
c- Providing the natural energy resources, such as water, gas, and electricity. And also following up the bill and payment port purchase
d- Elegant and professional furnishing trough dealing with the best furniture companies, and getting benefited from special discounts for Dilget.
e- Performing all work of amendment and maintenance.

Investment consultancies in all sectors, which include:

a- The study of the economic feasibility of the project and the chances of their success and costs.
b- Establishing companies with the cooperation with the specialist lawful accountants.
c- Following up the investments concerning the lawful, financial, executive and administrative aspects.
d- Opening accounts in banks and providing the complete information regarding the banking procedures

Sworn Translation and preforming all the lawful transactions which include:

a- Sworn Translation of all official documents from and to Turkish and documenting them in the Notary Public
b- Attesting all the documents in all the governmental Turkish offices and embassies.
c- Providing consultancy concerning all kinds of residency, preparing their files and providing all the documents concerned.
d- The team of interpreters in Dilget will accompany you in all the official, commercial and medical fields.
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